Slip into A Parallel Dimension –

where you will find stories of paranormal experience, Steampunk, alternate realities, the Victorian and Art Nouveau eras, angels, the fey, aliens, crop circles, dreamscapes….

A Parallel Dimension seeks:

  • Outstanding fiction
  • Thought-and-emotion provoking, true, paranormal experiences.

This is a venue for all ages. No gratuitous violence, no R-rated content.

A Parallel Dimension looks forward to submissions containing wisdom, mind-expanding and profound insights, in enticing environments with interesting characters.

Maximum word limit is 900 words. Shorter is better – 500 words preferred.

Payment: $5.00 per published story to a Paypal account.

In addition A Parallel Dimension will be uploaded to Authors will receive additional payment from Amazon sales, if sales reach an adequate payout threshold.

Submit your best flash fiction or flash non-fiction to: